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Story of the Lizard Juice Name

One day I wanted to change our domain name, so I asked Sweet Tooth if she could think of a different one, and without hesitation she blurts out lizard juice. I said it a few times, I kind of liked it and figured that since she blurted it out so fast it must be the one. Until that day, I had never before heard the phrase Lizard Juice.

So I go to GoDaddy and punch it in...son of a beehive, was already taken! My next thought was to see if we could get it in Spanish, when you enter lizard juice in the translator it gets translated to jugo de lagarto (juice of lizard). So I just used it as two separate words and went with the domain name lagarto-jugo.

Then, more than a year later I tried again and this time it was available, so I bought it. Not long after I got the name registered we got one of those val-pak envelopes in the mail and I started looking at the coupons.

I already knew what the .com version was, because I was curious about it when I got the .net version and checked it out. But as I'm looking at the coupons there it is - Lizard Juice! There's a little map on the ad showing the location of Lizard Juice and that little store is located about two miles from us. What are the odds?

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